WJMC day three

The third day of the conference, we had four scheduled presentations. After breakfast, we went to National Geographic headquarters to hear Susan Goldberg, the editor in chief, speak about her perspective of journalism. She wasn’t as passionate or funny as Hoda, but she was well- prepared and informed. We then ate lunch, where I sampled the best cheesecake I have ever eaten, then went to the National Press Club. There, we spoke with Brian Lamb, founder of C-SPAN and listened to a political panel discuss this year’s election. For those who are interested, most of the conference consists of Bernie Sanders fans. During the political panel, the Capitol went on lockdown, in response to which all the people who live in the area rolled their eyes and everyone else wanted to know why. On the drive back to the University, I don’t know about the other buses, but 3/4 of my bus was unconscious. The naps were necessary because when we arrived on campus, we ate dinner and went to hear Mike Shear speak. He was one of the most relaxed speakers, rolling with random comments shouted from the audience and sitting on the edge of the stage rather than standing. We then met with color groups to discuss a journalism simulation we would do the next day, where we would create the front page of a newspaper. Bed was wonderful after such a busy day.


WJMC day two

The second day of WJMC, we started with breakfast. The French toast was delicious. We proceeded to meet with our color groups to make plans for the day and to go over the schedule. We travelled to the Arlington campus of George Mason University, where we listened to Hoda Kotb speak. We arrived late, so we didn’t have time for questions, but it was great to hear from her and see her unique perspective in person. She has a wonderful personality, and the whole room was laughing with her most of the time. Afterward, we went outside to eat sandwiches and cookies. We then drove to the Newseum in DC, where we spent not nearly enough time on each level of the building. I hope I get another opportunity to explore. There were too many of us to use the elevators, so by the time we met in the lobby to leave for dinner, everyone was sore from climbing stairs all the way from the bottom to the sixth floor — and back down. We ate in DC, then walked to the White House to take pictures before boarding the buses to go to the WWII memorial, where most people spent more time waiting for the bathroom than actually looking around. It was ridiculous. Once everyone was done in the little journalists room, we walked to the Lincoln Memorial, where ZoĆ«, Ariella, and I went to the back to sit on the steps and watch the sun set over Arlington. By the time we returned to our dorms at the end of the day, we were all dead tired, but it was a blast.

WJMC day one

The first day of WJMC was hectic. I spent the day getting lost, getting unlost, and meeting new people, after all of which we ate dinner and listened to Tina Rosenberg speak. It was amazing to hear someone else who felt so similarly to me regarding journalism and telling other people’s stories for the first time. After that, we met with our color groups (I’m in gray, and I wouldn’t change that for the world) and discussed the presentation. We didn’t go to our dorms until almost 10:30, and because roommates are assigned from mixed color groups, I was the first person back.

Welcome to My World

First of all, should “my” be capitalized in a title? I can never remember. I feel like I should introduce myself. I am an active teen, participating in my school’s color guard and track team, bouncing around while sitting in class, and generally never sitting still. I am interested in writing, drawing, and engineering, and basically any other activities that promise a challenge. I enjoy reading immensely, and could happily live in a Barnes and Noble bookstore. I will be going off to college at the end of next year, and am strongly considering Georgia Institute of Technology, as they have a very strong aerospace engineering program.

I am a member of the Varsity Winter Guard at my school, and we just finished choreographing our show Wednesday, January 13. As our first performance will be on January 30, we are left with just over two weeks to polish our show before showing the world. It’s going to be wonderful!

I am running out of time, so I’m going to end this post. I will return!

First Blog Post Ever

So, as mentioned in the title, I have never had a blog before. It’s a lot simpler than I thought it would be. That’s a blessing, as I’m not all that great when it comes to using technology. I have a feeling that it will be easier to do this than it is to, for example, use e-mail. I’ve had an e-mail account for years and still am surprised at some of the things it does.

I started a blog because of a journalism conference I plan to attend this summer. The Washington Media and Journalism Conference (WJMC) is going to be a huge part of my summer, and I can’t wait! WJMC is basically a journalism camp in D.C., and will be a week long, taking place in mid-July.

I will try to post a new message once a week, so enjoy!